Tools for sampling and stripping various openings

Bits are joinery and carpentry.
Like a chisel, chisel consists of a handle, which is made, usually of hard wood or plastic materials, with high strength, as well as fabric, manufactured from stainless steel.
Pen timber taken without a trace of rot and mold, no cracks and wormholes. Cloth made with a blade, one-sided sharpening.
Chisel designed for gouging nests. Working with a chisel, being careful and accuracy.
It is set in the planned risk chamfer inside and hit him a mallet.
To conduct sampling and cleaning of holes, slots, studs, sockets, and chamfering, use flat chisel.
For the sample spikes and rounded off to work with uneven surfaces (curved or concave) used semicircular chisels.
While working with chisels observe the following safety rules:
- When working with a chisel to direct it not for themselves, but on his own;
- Can not be cut with a chisel on weight;
- You can not cut the part, putting her on her knees;
- The fingers of his left hand should be placed behind the blade tool.
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