Measuring tools

Used to measure parts of small dimensions.

Needed to determine the size of large parts.

Meter folding
Used to determine the size of small parts.

They are made of steel wire, have hardened, sharpened by a cone end. Needed for marking on metal surfaces. While the tool is held with a slight tilt in the direction of movement of the handle at the edge of the ruler.
Universal surface gauge with stop and ochertka (surface gauge with marking jaw) are needed for parallel scratches. Before applying the lines or surface gauge ochertkoy check whether the flat edge along which the tool moves.

Gon of metal used for marking angles, different dimensions and angles, etc. In addition to the right angle triangles are used with sharp corners (30, 45, 60 °). To use gon hold parallel lines, evenly cut the sheets, put to him by the right angle and distance draw a parallel line.
Kerner - a steel rod with a circular cross section. One end of the rod is ground at an angle of 60 °. Tool is needed for the application levels. It is put in a vertical position and the upper end of the hammer strike.
There is also an automatic center punch, which is an advantage over manual is thanks to him that the marks obtained by the same size.
In roofing batten use compasses. They cause a variety of marks on the work surface.
Calipers are used to determine the diameter and thickness of the parts, the transfer size with a ruler on a metal surface.
Caliper is used to determine both the external and internal dimensions of the parts. Striping compass designed for drawing, as well as for the transfer of small size with a ruler on a metal surface.
When working with a compass in the right spot perform punching (Stamp), and then, using a ruler, pushing the leg of a compass to the desired width and perpetuate their grip. Then one of the legs put on the mark, and the other draw the curves.
This tool is necessary to measure the diameter of the hollow parts.

Scissors are used for cutting sheet metal thickness not exceeding 0.7 mm.
Scissors can be right and left. The left scissors cutting blade is on the right, the right - to the left. The right-hand scissors much easier to left, because the cutting process can be seen cutting off the strip sheet. If the band is narrow, it is the bottom folds into a spiral, while the sheet is not deformed. Left-Handed Scissors are most often used to make the holes that are far from the edge, as well as to cut the left edge.
Openings within the sheet, cut out as follows: first with a chisel cut through the hole in the sheet and stick it in the cutting knife tool, then the intended risk in the form of a circle are the knife scissors.
Sheets of thin steel, usually cut on a workbench. When the sheet is placed so that when you move the lower blade of scissors lying on the edge of the bench. Adherence to this simple rule is thus easier roofer.
Stulova scissors used for cutting sheet metal thickness not exceeding 1.4 mm. Tool put on a low wooden table or bench and perform cutting.
This tool is used for making holes.
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