Repair coating of rolled materials

Repair coating roll material is recommended in dry warm weather, so in the insulation and screed not accumulate moisture, which could later lead to bloating.
When repairing the roof first checks the integrity of its founding. In case of damage, they should be eliminated, and only then be made for the repair of the coating. Roll material used for repair, should be thoroughly cleaned by sprinkling of talc and mica, and the damaged area - from the mud.
Small holes (50 mm) can be tightly caulked with oakum soaked in mastic or a napkin, hot trowel to smooth and paint over a layer of mastic 2-3 mm thick, covering the hole in the 100-120 mm.
In places large holes only, or roofing material should be cut crosswise, fold the edges, uncovered flooring from dirt, fluff dry and polish.
Patch cut out of felt right size and placed on the floor, on top of it is covered with mastic, which are glued bent edge of roofing material. The resulting joints are stuck with 2 layers of roofing material, protruding 150 mm on each side of the damaged area.

Torn material on joints coil coating glued strips of the same material.
Old roofing material on the roof can be covered with mastic or hot bitumen coating after cleaning the dirt and then dry.
Asphalt roof paint recommended 1 time in 2 years.
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