Repair coating of asbestos cement sheets

Before repairing the roof should carefully check lists, choose whole, cut corners, and they mark the lower paint waves.
You then need to clear the area around the building, the roof of the wooden parts to check for strength and make the navigation bridge.
Way footbridge made of two boards in the thickness of 25-30 mm, the length of which are punched crossbar. At one end of boards nailed 2 hook or cross board, with which they are attached for the horse. Repair is carried out from the board, laid across the bridges.
If a sheet has worn, it must be replaced. To do this, you must first lift the nails or screws of adjacent sheets of 15-20 mm, and if the mount was on the first wave, and then completely removed. Remove or lift the claw nails are best, placing it on a thin board. Install new sheet must together: one person lifts the adjacent sheets, and the other puts a new leaf on the overlapping edges of adjacent sheets and moves it to the ridge. Attaches a new sheet in the same way as the old.
Small holes are sealed ordinary chalk putty or asphalt mastic. Put on larger patches of thick cloth or canvas (see previous section). The patch should cover the damaged area of ​​80-100 mm on each side, and the subsequent brushing - at 140-150 mm.
Holes can cover up solution of cement in the ratio 1: 1. Deposited layer of cement smoothed, dried, ground and covered with paint.
To extend the life of the old roof, it must be free of dirt and lichen cover and 2 times with oil paint, well prosushivaya each layer.
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