Tile repair coverage

Poor-quality tile coating with prolonged exposure to it of moisture, as well as changes in temperature can crack and flake. If the result of this we have to replace all the coating completely, then it must be removed from the ridge to the eaves. In this case, a good tile can be left for recycling, clean off any remaining solution.
In that case, when you need to repair a partial coverage, working with a loft. It is necessary to lift the shingles lying on top of the damage, and the one to the right of it.
Then remove the old shingles, moving down and to the left, and in its place put a new, making movement in the opposite order: top right.
When caulking recommended solutions, giving compounds softness and elasticity and allow some movement tiles, while maintaining its integrity. From this point of view is unacceptable to use cement mortars, which have high rigidity. As a material for airbrushing slots can use a mortar of 1 part lime and three parts of fine sand mixed with viscosity with finely chopped tow. Continuum of bedding at all horizontal seams and crevices of the solution required 0.05 m to 10 m coverage.
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