Roof pitch

The slope of the roof helps to remove the roof of precipitation. It is expressed in degrees or percentages. Typically, the construction of buildings of the roof they flatten out, with the same slope ramps.
The selected slope of the roof depends on the choice of material to cover and atmospheric way to tap water from the roof of the building - drainage, which may lead to (external or internal) or informally (outside).
Outside consists of organized drainage gutters and drain pipes outside. It is recommended to organize in those climates where the water in the outer downpipes largely ice.
Organized internal drainage consists of rainwater, the riser pipe and exhaust outlet. It can be used in all climates.
When informal gutter water flows down the entire length of the bottom of the slope without any additional devices. This type of drainage is allowed in climates with little rainfall.
Choose the right material to cover and the type of drainage system in accordance with the slope of the roof using a special graph (Figure 25).

График выбора кровельного материала в зависимости от уклона кровли

Fig. 25. Graph choice of roofing material, depending on the slope of the roof.

Straight arrows on the chart show the angle of the roof in relation to the horizon: the semicircular scale it is defined in degrees, and the vertical - in percentage.
The curved arrows indicate the types of material that can be used for a given slope.
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