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For the convenience of determining the number of loose or viscous material in the performance of various works related to the construction of the roof, some data on their mass contained in one bucket.
So, in the usual bucket capacity of 0.01 m (10 L) contains:
- 14-15 kg of sand;
- 14-15 kg of gravel or crushed stone;
- 15 kg of loose cement;
- 17 kg of cement-sand mortar (1: 3);
- 13-14 kg of loose clay;
- 16 kg of clay dough;
- 10-12 kg glinosolomennoy mixture (glinosolomy);
- 2-3 kg of dry sawdust;
- 1-1.5 kg straw cutting;
- 7-10 kg sifted boiler slag.
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