Materials for roof mounting

As an attachment of roofing material used:
- Nails usual length of 70 mm and 100 mm, galvanized length 70-90 mm (for fixing asbestos cement corrugated sheets) and the clout with a wide hat (to fix the roof of the roll of material);
- Polishes roll materials;
- Bolts and hooks for asbestos fiber sheets.
Bituminous hot pastes - a fusion of roofing bitumen grades BOC-II, BNK-V with a filler.
Degteva mastic - an alloy of sand or shale and coal tar. As fillers used asbestos VII grade talc, ground limestone, dolomite and chalk.
Cold mastic (bitumen-latex-kukersolnye BLK) - Alloy bitumen lacquer kukersolya, latex and filler (asbestos).
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