Wood coatings

None of the construction material does not possess such qualities as wood. It is most useful in the treatment. In addition, it is one of the most durable and lightweight materials, long lasting warmth and a pleasant smell. Of wood can be anything from a simple wooden spoon to the aircraft. Although both require effort, dedication and patience.
To start working with wood, you need to be patient. It does not matter if something does not work the first time, all comes with experience. A good eye and a steady hand will be those assistants who will not let a mistake when cutting, sawing, drilling, chipping and vytachivanii timber.
Wood is not a whimsical building materials, but some of the mistakes she does not forgive. Will not be able to build up a few inches to roughly sawed-off board or even spoiled surface without prejudice to a future article. This is not clay or clay, but they plasticity wood also does not agree. Crude or specially soaked wood perfectly takes the form that it should be given.
When you work, you can either distort or highlight the texture of wood. In the second case, executing the product will benefit and will look great in its natural form. A play of colors will help to strengthen the various wood coatings that are applied to the surface in 2-3 thin coats.
To maximize future masterpiece emphasized textured wood pattern and did not contradict him, you first need to consider carefully the bar.
There is not a bar of wood, which would have traced the growth direction of fibers.
The most complete picture of what happens in the selected bar, can only occur if the bar sawed in three ways: at 45 °, with the grain and across them.
The cut at 45 ° is tangential and gives textured pattern in the form of conical lines.
The cut along the grain gives the radial cut, showing parallel lines of fibers.
Slice across the grain passes, essentially gives textured pattern of annual lines. This cut will be so called - a cross.

If you position on the bar conceived drawing, the appearance of the future products will benefit from this. In addition, the complexity and beauty of the future picture is directly dependent on the complexity of the wood grain.
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