Painting structures and cements

Coating materials are composed of dry and liquid ingredients. The first group consists of pigments and fillers, and the second - binders and solvents. Pigments - the most important part of the finished painting.
The main properties of the ink pigments are or Bleaching capacity, light resistance, oil absorption, hiding power, dispersibility and heat resistance.
Coloring power - property color pigment to give color to other pigments with which it is thoroughly mixed.
Bleaching capacity - property other white pigment lighten pigment, which he thoroughly mixed.
Lightfastness - property pigment retains its color when exposed to natural daylight and artificial light.
Oil absorption - the minimum amount of oil required for the conversion of dry pigment into smooth paste.
Hiding power - property of pigment mixed with a film-forming agent to make invisible color painted surface.
Dispersibility - property pigment crushed and sprayed in the dispersion medium under the influence of mechanical stress.
Heat resistance - properties of the pigments keep their color when heated. Industry produces paint in the form of:
- Dry powdered substance (pigment);
- Pasta cooked in chafing pigment with linseed oil (with the addition of fillers or not) called gustotertymi oils that are diluted before use varnishes and thinners;
- Ready zhidkotertyh paints of the same composition, suitable for use without dilution of varnishes and thinners.
When the device of metal roofs are mainly used oil paints.
Dry ink (pigment) - finely colored powders, insoluble in water and organic solvents (oil, alcohol, turpentine), but can be mixed evenly with them, forming a spray compositions of color.
Pigments are divided into mineral and organic, but in the construction practice, including roofing and use, as a rule, only mineral pigments. There are natural pigments (ocher) and artificial (white and green). When roofing mainly using red iron oxide, lead and herbs, zinc, titanium and lead white, enameled aluminum copperhead.
Red iron oxide (GOST 8135-74) - the natural inorganic pigment red-brown color, consisting of iron oxide with a mixture of clay minerals and quartz. Oil absorption pigment - 15 - 25 g butter 100 g red lead, opacity - 20 g / m
Lead gustotertaya greens - pasta, consisting of a mixture of dry lead crown, dry iron blue and filler, old tired on drying oil, and is intended for weatherproof coatings, the protective properties in temperate climates at least 1.5-2 years. Spreading rate painter green - no more than 40-60 g / m, drying time, no more than 24 hours
Zinc dry herbs - synthetic inorganic pigment, obtained by mechanical mixing of zinc chromate (zinc crown), painter and blue filler (feldspar).
Its available in 3 varieties: green "whole" without filler, greens № 1, containing 50% filler, greens number 2, which contains 75% filler. Hiding power of green - 23-70 g / m, density 6,9-7,2 g / cm.
Copperhead - synthetic inorganic pigment blue-green color. On the chemical composition is the main acetic acid salt of copper. Copperhead gustotertom produced in the form of, at least - in the form of powder, grains or pieces. Copperhead hiding power - 190-200 g / m, density - 3.7 g / cm.
Aluminum pigment powder is finely milled aluminum particles of silver-gray color, no foreign matter and lumps. Depending on the opacity on the water, fineness and chemical composition of aluminum powder produced two brands - PAC-3 and PAC-4. Powder PAC-3 opacity on the water must be not less than 7 g / m Powder PAC-4 - not less than 10 g / m Coverage Rate powder 2-3,3 g / m, density - 2.7 g / cm
Paint copperhead is an aqueous paste of a mixture of smooth snakes, barium sulfate, lead paint and natural varnish. Paint after mixing natural linseed oil is used for coating metal roofing is applied to the surface with a brush or roller. The service life of the coating is 4-5 years.
Oil paints MA-15 is a suspension of pigments and fillers in combination with drying oil. It is used for painting the roofs, façades and other metal and wooden surfaces exposed to weathering. The paint is applied by brush or roller in 2 layers on the ground. The service life of the coating is 1-2 years.
Paint MA-015 is a paste consisting of a mixture of chromium oxide, ocher, barium sulfate and combination of linseed oil. The paint used for outdoor decorating and applied with brush, roller or spray gun out. Time of service is 2-3 years.
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