Curable mastic

"Unigeks" - universal sealing adhesive composition construction purposes. Is a two-curable elastic paste based on polyurethane, designed for construction and repair of residential, industrial and public buildings. The durability of the sealant is around 15-20 years.
Pros mastic "Unigeks":
- The possibility of applying both manually and with the help of mechanical devices on the wet surface of any complex shape;
- Biological stability;
- Application temperature limits of -25 to 50 ° C.
Sealant UT-31 - three-component sealant, which consists of a sealing paste and cured, and a vulcanization accelerator. Externally sealant is a homogeneous mass of light gray color. Before applying the mastic adhesive surface pre-lubricated with a solution, such as glue 88H, which is applied in two layers, each of which must dry for at least 12 minutes.
Divorced solvent sealant trowel, brush or syringe, and then further stained with paint BT-177.
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