Fillers for mastic

For bonding roofing roll materials, various pastes based on high binders. To reduce the consumption of the latter, as well as to improve the heat resistance and mechanical properties of the mastic added powdered and fibrous fillers.
The cheapest and affordable acid-filler - ground quartz sand. It should be remembered that almost all of the polymer binders bad grapple with quartz, resulting in an insufficient strong adhesive bond. Best with a polymer binder adheres marshals - natural finely dispersed variety of quartz.
Chrysotile asbestos, a mineral fiber structure is split into thin elastic fibers that can curl up in a thread at sufficient length. Depending on the length of asbestos fibers are divided into 8 groups - from 0 to 7. Asbestos is the first 3 groups called textile.
Andesitic flour and dust - fillers that can help you get a strong adhesive.
Mel - fine white powder. The filler is mainly used hydrophobized chalk, which crumpled and does not absorb moisture during storage.
Talc - as a filler increases the water-and weather-cements and plastics.
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