Coating of rolled materials

Depending on the binder roll materials are divided into Bituminous Degteva and polymer, and the structure - the blanket and bespokrovnye.
To protect the web of material from the harmful effects of precipitation, various topping, foil, alkali and acid resistant film.
As a basis for bituminous coating and waterproofing materials are used:
- Roofing paper;
- Fiberglass, which recently began to force the board due to its durability;
- Aluminum foil.
By coating materials for paperboard include:
- Roofing material with fine grit unilateral (roll length - 20 m, weight - 20-26 kg), bilateral (roll length - 20 m, weight - 24-30 kg) - for external and internal layers.
Sprinkle with one-sided material is applied to a hot paste, double-sided grit - and the hot and the cold;
- Roofing grit with scaly-sided (roll length - 20 m, weight - 20-28 kg), bilateral (roll length - 20 m, weight - 26-32 kg) - for the outer layer.
Sprinkle with one-sided material is applied to a hot paste, two topping
- For hot and cold;
- Roofing sided with coarse grit for the outer layer, is applied to the hot and cold paste. Roll length - 10 m, weight - 20-30 kg;
- Steklobit for the upper and lower layers of roofing and waterproofing okleechnoy produced three grades: C-RC, S-RF (the top layer) and C-RM (for the lower layer and waterproof). Roll width - 960 or 1000 mm, the area - 10 m, thickness - 2.5 mm, coil weight - 29 kg (C-SC), 23 and over (P-RF, S-RM);
Note. Variety of roofing material designated mark, for example, RM-400, where the number indicates the mass in grams per 1 m of the base board, and the letter "M" stands for "fine grain sprinkling."
- Only with grit sand (roll length - 15 m, width 750 or 1000 mm, weight - 15-18 and coarse (roll length - 10 m, width 750 or 1000 mm, weight - 23-29 kg) for the outer layer, superimposed the hot paste;
- Degtebitumnye gidrokamovye and canvas.
For roofing and waterproofing is also used armobitep, made on the basis of glass fiber (fiberglass, fiberglass mesh, fiberglass) Bilateral application polimerbitumnogo binder containing bitumen, rubber, industrial oil, mineral bilateral or unilateral coarse grit. Is available in two grades: ABSK (the upper layers) and ABSM (for lower layers). Roll width - 960 or 1000 mm, the area - 10 m.
Recently the industry produces new roofing and waterproofing materials: monobitep, ekarbit, folgobitep etc.
As bespokrovnyh roll materials used are:
- Asphalt roofing for the inner layer. Made of roofing paper impregnated with asphalt, is superimposed on the hot paste. Roll length - 20 m, weight - 7-13 kg;
- Only skin - vapor barrier lining only with a coarse grit on Degteva mastics roll length - 30 m, weight - 11-20 kg;
- Gidroizol - lining device vapor barrier on the hot asphalt mastic for multilayer roofing.
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