Heating and water attic

In that case, if the heating, water and sewer pipes are routed to the attic during its construction, the planning is to figure out just two issues: whether the glands, where it is desirable to the owner, such as a bathroom or kitchen, and how to provide hot water .
There are 2 ways of heating devices attic.
Thus, in the first case, the attic is connected to the existing central boiler house, in the second, and it is arranged independent heating system in the form of kitchen water heater.
One of the latest developments and technical thought can be considered automatic electric heaters.
Using a computer, they set a certain temperature, the power and volume of water. This results in energy savings.
In order to keep energy costs should choose the minimum distance eyeliner communications, such as kitchen and bathroom is better positioned in the neighborhood. In this case, the electric heater will provide both points of hot water with minimal effort.
It so happens that the ability to connect to an existing attic in the house heating system available. In this case, the installation of a stand-alone device.
Before that, you want to calculate the need for heating. If the insulation of the roof in compliance, the need for heating is provided by 1 m 80-100 Tues Calculate the approximate overall thermal power required by the heater, you can multiply this by the number of square meters of the attic. Depending on the calculated heat output chosen type of energy. As it is better to use natural gas as oil burners have low capacity (10 kW).
Gas heating device in the form of floor heaters easy to adapt for their own purposes and to provide cost-effective heating.
Boilers needed for this type of heating system, have many advantages: small size, easy installation, even in the food compartment, etc.
Gas heaters can be operated independently from the air. Air injection system and exhaust combustion products can have vertical and horizontal position. In the latter case, its elements pass through a flat or sloped roof in the range 25-50 °.
For a system that is independent of the ambient air, suitable old chimney. Cost-effective in a small system is the joint solution of problems of heating and hot water supply. Integrated central heating system requires autonomous hot water supply.
To maximize the efficiency of central heating teplopodachu must be regulated. This can be done by the thermostat - the heater, which provides dosage teplopodachu a specific location. In addition, there are high-tech, microprocessor controlled control devices that perform several functions, one of which is the individual adjustment of the operation - for a night or with a break for the day. Avoid hypothermia such devices. Regulators can respond to other heat sources that are in the room (natural light, lighting).
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