Methods of natural light metering

During the summer, comfortable housing depends on the ability to dose light radiation. This is achieved through a variety of devices.
For dimming use blinds that can be mounted in any position. Blinds can have a special silver coating. When handling silver plates inside the thermal radiation is reduced, the temperature in the room drops. If in winter silver side draw out, it will give more heat into space, resulting in a lower energy consumption.
For their control can be used curtain cord or a remote control. Dignity of curtains is that the window is still free. It can be opened even with the curtains drawn.

Pleated blinds
They are made of nesminaemogo material. Daylight muted by horizontal pleats. These curtains protect the interior of the attic of the solar flare.
Feature of this device is that it is mounted above the window from the outside. With this glass is not heated and does not pass into the room ultraviolet and heat radiation, why in the summer in the room remains cool.
Roller blinds
They perform the same tasks as the blinds folded. Blinds are available as special operating-protective function.
This device can have different configurations and colors.
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