Optimum design window

The correct choice of the location of the windows - the key to quality coverage and ease of use.
The upper and lower windows rifles should be planned so as to ensure maximum visibility of the window. The lower edge (sill) shall be located at a height of 80-100 cm, and 90 cm at the window you can watch while sitting. The upper edge is better positioned at a height of 180-200 cm
In the event that the required height of the window exceeds the parameters of production models, it is permissible to use the window frame with a wedge (Fig. 149).

Оконная коробка с выступом, оборудованная рамой с клином

Fig. 149. Window boxes with the tab, equipped with wedge frame.

In this case, the angle of the window is smaller than that of the roof. Thus, the lower height windows provide the desired distance of the lower and upper shotguns from the floor.

The windows can be placed next to each other or each other, forming a whole 'window cassette "(Fig. 150).

Вариант комбинированного расположения чердачных окон

Fig. 150. Version of the combined position of attic windows.

For this are available in standard binding and elements for the mezzanine, that is outside the brick walls that are part of the attic. In this case, the vertical elements must interface with a sloping roof.
It is advisable to place the window handle at the top when it is low, standing on the windowsill flower pots or directly in front of the window are furnished. Lower handle is comfortable in the case of a high position of the upper window trim and a small value tilt roof.
Skylight windows contemporary designs can be cleaned and washed, without exposing themselves to danger. Their doors open so that it becomes available and any part of the window outside of the glass is wiped as easy as domestic.
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