Massive reinforced concrete floor does not require prior preparation work flooring, wooden - need readjustment.
In the old house to replace the flooring mezhbalochnuyu aggregate, which is located on the false ceiling. It is necessary to provide additional insulation floor (Fig. 147).

Деревянное балочное перекрытие

Fig. 147. The wooden beams of the ceiling: 1 - finishing coating, 2 - lag 3 - acoustic layer 4 - covering 5 - filling old, 6 - cardboard, 7 - black sex, 8 - joists, 9 - Crate, 10 - pure plaster.

Along with filling inspection should determine the condition of the beams. Special attention should be paid beamed heads, fixed laying: their insect damage or mold threatens the reliability of overlap. Damaged beams should be replaced. In that case, if the attic floor has increased strength, it is advisable to arrange the floors of cement, especially in areas where it is possible excess moisture (bathroom). These floors are not only not miss the water inside the bearing structures, but also serve as a cushion for the next tiling.
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