Roof insulation

As you know, in the attic up moisture that penetrates it from the lower floors, and is derived by the air handling units. It can be said that the attic is an intermediate zone between the living space and the street.
In that case, if it is used as a dwelling, there is no gray area. Then moisture, formed as a result of breathing, bathing and cooking, takes the form of invisible vapor.
Due to the pressure difference between the interior and exterior spaces form pairs, which tends to come out through the roof elements. This process takes place at the molecular level.
In addition, it should be noted that the amount of vapor in the indoor air is directly proportional to the temperature of air in it. In other words, the warm air contains much more vapor than cold air. By lowering the temperature in the room air deprived of the opportunity to retain moisture, which is deposited in the form of water. This occurs when water vapor inside penetrate into the lower layers of the roof, where moisture accumulates. To avoid this, you need to eliminate air leakage of the roof, through which moisture from the room penetrates the roof and contributes to its destruction.
Air leaks can be due to a lack of tightness and vapor waterproofing layers.
To prevent this, their organization should be implemented in compliance with all regulations.
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