Attic of the house with a gable roof

A small loft in the apex is realistic to turn into a comfortable office, where all you need to be close at hand.
When extending the staircase leading to the attic, you should pay attention to the safety bars, or the opening turn into ugly gaping hole. Edge stairwells, that is a cross-section of wooden floors, it is recommended to close the chipboard in a special frame, and place them on top of plasterboard panels, glued coarse-fibered painted wallpaper.
In order to save electricity and provide sufficient illumination of the Cabinet in the apex integrated roof windows.
The roof of the apex is unlikely to have the necessary insulation to help maintain optimum temperature in the attic.
In this case, the rafters, which is placed between the insulating material so as to allow some space for ventilation, sheathed wood, top bitumen reinforced cardboard kontrbrusya, crates and panels made of fiber cement. Typically, after this event additional heating a study is required.
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