Loft in the city center

Lay a large loft in the city center to meet the opening of the window panorama, for example, the bedroom is a view of the quiet green street, and from the living room - on the roofs of neighboring houses.
At one end of the attic should be allocated a spacious living room with conservatory and dining room. If residents are not going to fence themselves off from each other, the kitchen area and you can not restrict a remote partition. In this case there will be no obstacles to review the living room and the conservatory there. It adjoins the living room and the bedroom closet, in front of which is a bath (Fig. 166).

План мансарды в центре города

Fig. 166. Plan loft in the city center.

Significantly improve the sound insulation attic allows special floating floor, which subsequently imposed any suitable finishing material (for example, it is recommended veneer flooring in the bathroom and kitchen composite tiles 20 x 30 cm, and in other areas - special floorboards).
If the roof is in good condition, we can limit the device additional insulation. To do this from the inside between the rafters reinforced waterproofing material, and the resulting space between it and the inner surface of the roof is filled with mineral wool.
To fully meet the requirements of home fire safety, the inside walls are sheathed with special fire-resistant panels, which are then attached a particular finishing material (eg wood panels).
One of the major problems encountered in hardware lofts for housing, is lighting. Therefore, it is clear that an important role in this matter will be playing winter garden decoration which may consist of oak, covered with a layer of white paint, and outside the protected aluminum. Double glazing: safety glasses fitted outside, inside - liners, 4 mm thick.
Autonomous gas boiler installed in the hallway in the internal cabinet, helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the attic.
Mansard with scaffold
For fans of the original designs fit multilevel loft demarcated certain areas, are not connected to each other. Note, however, that in such cases there may be some inconvenience caused by varying floor height in the room. For example, if the furniture is designed to sit on the same line of sight, the person chooses a place almost without thinking. Otherwise, he will be in trouble, because he will not be comfortable located in a low chair and look up every time when you want to look at are hosted in the kitchen girlfriend or friend.
The importance of the floor height can talk in a situation where someone posted at the dinner table, located on a hill, and someone - the fireplace downstairs.
Example solution multilevel loft apartments can be viewed on Figure 167.

План многоуровневой чердачной квартиры

Fig. 167. Tiered plan loft apartments.

Thus, the original floor level is maintained in the kitchen. The dining room is raised by 25 cm, 50 cm high platform connects it with a 75-centimeter-level seating areas. Note the following important detail: all platforms knocked together out of boards and covered with decking and therefore can easily be dismantled in case of redevelopment attic.
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