Attic under the roof half-timbered houses

Half-timbered houses, thanks to a proper reconstruction, can be a real example of a combination of different styles, from the outside - it's ancient architecture, inside - modern multi-level apartment with original design.
I must say that the half-timbered walls, as a rule, do not differ significantly in thickness. In addition, their thermal insulation is generally poor. The upgrade of buildings - it is not easy, because you must not only optimally adapted facilities for housing, but also to preserve the character of the building.
As an example, the reconstruction of the old half-timbered houses (Fig. 157) is the next plan, according to which you can turn unsightly building in a very attractive house with all amenities.

Фахверковый дом

Fig. 157. Tudor style house.

The first thing to pay attention to the safety of the walls: clay components eventually break down, and in that case it would be appropriate to replace them with a porous brick masonry. To increase the thickness of the walls and, therefore, strengthen the supporting structures, some distance away from them on the inside to put extra wall thickness of 24 cm of porous brick. The resulting space between the walls of the insulating material is sealed in such a way that there are still 4 cm for ventilation (Fig. 158).

Конструкция стен

Fig. 158. Wall construction: 1 - triangular beam, 2 - Oak 3 - brick, 4 - air vents 5 - plaster, 6 - breather layer 7 - Insulation 8 - internal plaster, 9 - laying in the skin.

In addition, for better air circulation is desirable to get special ventilation bricks, which are installed in the right places.
Next, half-timbered walls plastered in three layers of lime plaster, cement additive which reduces the inner to the outer layer. Imposed on top of the mineral paint. Seams in wooden pieces left and deepen.
Thus, following the above steps to strengthen the supporting structures with wall thickness reaches 56 cm, respectively, reduced area of ​​the house, and the appearance fachwerk completely preserved.
The next step - replacing floors. Because the equipment attic provides additional load, all the beams have to be from the old oak solid, not spruce or pine.
If the board of the beams are well preserved, it is placed on bituminous paper, then a layer of mineral wool insulation, cement screed and flooring (Fig. 159). At the same time, to support the style and grandeur of stress home, the floor in the bathroom and kitchen is also made of parquet.

Устройство пола в чердачной квартире

Fig. 159. The unit floor attic apartment: 1 - air space, 2 - brick, 3 - tie rod, 4 - half-timbered oak, 5 - plaster, 6 - masonry, 7 - Insulation 8 - masonry, 9 - oak flooring, 10 - Tie 11 - oak wood (old) 12 - sound 13 - oak beams (old), 14 - internal plaster.

The roof structure and its isolation - the subject of special attention. First, combine the rafters with additional bars that serve and support member floor room in the apex. They are placed in series trim, bituminous paper, 50 cm boards measuring 6 x 12 cm between them put insulation layer of 1 cm and 2 cm left for ventilation. Over bars have waterproof layer along the boards - and kontrbrusya crate.
After such critical work to proceed further decoration of the home. As previously designated locations punched window openings, which are inserted in the frame of mahogany, covered with white acrylic paint. In-bound, imitating old, strengthen absorbing glass. The doors are made of oak and covered with several layers of paint and varnish.
For profitable underscore metal texture all accessories, hand-forged railings and ledges tsapon colorless lacquered varnish, designed for white and non-ferrous metal in the interior.
The interior walls and windows gable trim glass fiber wallpaper, on top of which a layer of acrylic lacquer. Such a measure is necessary to prevent yellowing of openings.
As a result of the attic space in a transformed timber-framed house gets all the properties that make it suitable for living in the apartment for a small family for a whole year (Fig. 160).

Внешний вид фахверкового дома после реконструкции

Fig. 160. The appearance of half-timbered house after renovation.

The figure 161 is the outline of a barrier in the attic bunk half-timbered house, which can be considered as an example.

План двухъярусной мансарды в фахверковом доме

Fig. 161. Plan bunk half-timbered house in the attic.

On the lower level at one end of the loft across from each other are two bedrooms separated by a bathroom. Bedrooms come in a large hall, from which, in turn, can get into the shower room and the dining room, from which a door leads to the kitchen, and the other - in the living room. On the second floor are the apex room, guest room, gallery, shower and sauna.
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