Roofing ventilation

With the help of under-roof ventilation can remove moisture from the attic and roof structures. Thus insulating layer is dry and retains its insulating properties, in the winter does not freeze, respectively, when it not only reduces the cost of heating, but also extend the life of the roof itself.
There are various means of under-roof ventilation. KTV - Roofing ventilation for pitched roofs.
The kit includes:
- Ventilation grille element;
- An element of penetration;
- Adapter tube.
Establish this kind of under-roof ventilation can help with the installation instructions. Fans ALIPAI - Roofing ventilation - prevent moisture condensation on the underside of the roof, which is dry. Volume ventilation of the roof is determined damp indoor air, and the shape of the state parozaschity roofing.
Fans should be installed during the installation of the roof itself.

Kitchen ventilation outlets
Domestic output fan or kitchen hood with insulated pipe diameter 125/160 mm without motor is used in the case where the household or kitchen is equipped with a separate ventilation motor. Outlet pipe insulated with polyurethane to prevent condensation on the ventilation pipes and additionally equipped with a protective cap.

Elements of ventilation sewer risers
Sewer system must be equipped with ventilation openings to prevent unpleasant odors and damage to the system due to the fact that the resulting system gases harmful effect on sewers.
Ventilation outlets do not cover the drain cap, because it causes the freezing of ice on the surface of the pipe. Insulated ventilation pipe is not subject to glaciation, even during long cold. In addition, excluded odors while cleaning the water trap.

Fans with motors
Fans with electric motors are used as domestic fans for air indoors. The use of modern building materials leads to the need for forced ventilation. In cold weather, mechanical ventilation should run at low speed virtually constant. These fans can be installed on the roof of any type. These pipes are fed through a distributor of all ventilated areas.
Fans with electric motors are used for the conversion of the old system of air circulation, which has access to the roof, as well as ready-made components for manufacturers of ventilation systems.
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